Rental Bicycle Emusica Gion

Short-term Plan

Electric Assisted Bicycle untill 18:00 of the day: 2,000 yen

Electric Assisted Bicycle is only on the day plan

Regular Bicycle Untill 18:00 of the day: 1,500 yen
Regular Bicycle next morning until 10:00: 2,000 yen

After that, it is possible to extend it by 1,500 yen in the daytime and 500 yen in the nighttime.
※ We will keep your deposit of 2,000 yen each bicycle between rental and return.(Cash Only)

From 10:00 am on the fourth day, a one-week plan of 6,000 yen is advantageous.

Long-term Plan(Regular Bicycle Only)

1 week: 6,000 yen
2 weeks: 7,500 yen
One month: 9,000 yen

※ We will keep your deposit of 2,000 yen each bike between rental and return.(Cash Only)

You can not change to the long-term plan retroactively when you lend while you are using the short-term plan. In addition, while you are using long-term plan, you can not change to the  another period of long-term plan retroactively at the time of loaning. Again it will be a contract from that day.
If you do not contact us and you can pass the return deadline, you will be charged twice the usual as a late fee. Please be careful.


Children's seat

500 yen until 18:00 of the day

Additional 250 yen until 10:00 the next morning

1 week rental 2,000 yen

2 weeks rental ¥ 2,500

One month rental 3,000 yen
With a helmet. There are front ride (for 1 to 3 years old, for less than 15 kg) and after ride (for 1 to 5 years old, for 20 kg or less).
Children's seat is limited in number. Please acknowledge that there may be cases where we can not meet your request.
Please have a bicycle for your child to drive by yourself. There are 22 inches and 24 inches. It is the same as a bicycle for adults with a helmet.
We recommend that you confirm by phone beforehand whether there is what you want in the shop.

Ponchos for raining

300 yen till 18:00 of the day

Additional 150 yen till next morning
It is a poncho that covers from the front basket to both hands and head. Cycling is safe and comfortable even on rainy days.

Luggage storage

It is 500 yen till 18:00 of the day (It is a charge per piece)
We keep luggage in pieces. Even if it is big (there are limitations), it is one if it collects. Even small 1 piece.
We refuse valuables, raw items, dangerous goods, fragile items. We are not responsible for damage, stain etc. Please note.

When using the rental cycle, please prepare the following items beforehand
・usage fee(You can pay cash or credit card)
・Deposit 2,000 yen(Cash Only)
・Personal identification document (such as driver's license, Passport.)​

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